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Authentic Indian Food

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Daily Special Meal Packs

Fresh & Healthy Ready Meals

Every day sample a flavour of the different vegetarian and vegan cuisines from different regions of India.

Delivered to your office or home

These items need to be ordered by 4 pm the day before.

Ready to Eat

Chutneys, Pickles and Snacks

Age old indian recipes for chutneys and fermented pickles meet local Swiss Ingredients - that makes for a truly unique experience.

These items are made to order - pre-order 2 days before.

Ready to Cook

Cooking Indian Food made easy

Fancy cooking yourself? Well we've made it very easy for you!

Presenting our unique and innovative half-cooked sauces and gravies! These retain the authentic and fresh taste yet are super easy to use!

These items are made to order - pre-order 2 days before.

How does it work

Its Simple


Pre-Order your favourite products

Why Pre-Order

You help us create fresh products from scratch, minimise food waste &  deliver in the most eco-friendly way possible!


Pre-Order time frames:

Daily Specials - the day before (by 4 pm)

Everything else - 2 days before

We deliver to your home or office

Between Coppet to Morges

Our drivers will only deliver once a day.

Delivery times are mentioned within the product info when you buy your products.


If you plan not to be at home we ask that you leave a food bag where we can deposit your food containers.

You are responsible for maintaining the cold food chain once we have delivered your products. We will not use ice packs or dry ice.

Just heat and eat

Delivered Chilled where applicable

Our food is freshly made and chilled for you to either heat and eat or store in the fridge for upto 3 days.

Convenient healthy and veggie food is just a trip away from your fridge!

Our food

Savor The Flavor


What kind of food is it?

Authentic recipes collected from different states of India!
Indian food is so much more than just curries swimming in oil.
Our food reflects the diversity of food from India, is healthy, freshly made and with a really authentic flavours - No tweaks just taste as you have it in India!


Our recipes

We come from a predominantly vegetarian state from India. India has a depth of tasty vegetarian food that has not received its share of limelight - Hence you will see that most of our recipes are vegetarian and/or Vegan! We want to encourage consumption of plant based food, hence the heavy focus on vegetarian/vegan meals in our products!

However we do have a chicken/meat option for all our carnivore customers!

Presenting our authentic collection of age old recipes, street food dishes, and much more, from across India.


Where & How is the food made?

These are small beginnings. We are operating out of a rented kitchen space in Nyon where we make our food every morning! 

We aim to use as much local ingredients as possible, and combine them with authentic indian spices.

Our Business Philosophy

Its simple! We use fresh local and/or Bio Ingredients, we grind our spices locally, cook on the day with our traditional recipes!

We strive to control wastage and be environmetally conscious - encouraging customers to use re-usable containers (we collect these on your next order) and avoid food wastage by cooking to order and using locally grown produce for a great majority of our products!

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