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About Us

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Feel Bliss was started by husband and wife Nirav and Tithi Pandya - with lots of encouragement from our parents - who gave us all the wonderful age-old recipes!

We were both born in India, and then lived in the UK for a long time, before settling in Switzerland about 8 years ago!

Hailing from a predominantly vegetarian state of Gujarat in India, we found that although Indian cuisine is present throughout the world nowadays, there was a lack of representation of the varied vegetarian cuisine that is found across India.

Our recipes have a rich heritage -

A lot of them are inspired by Nirav's mother - Mrs Nayana Pandya - a life long vegetarian & who loves to cook - who in turn learnt them from her mother and so on! The most precious ingredient she taught us to put in the dishes was - Love!

We hence decided to open an online food shop, where we will be presenting unique vegetarian meal packs - freshly made - that people can either eat immediately or store in their fridge for a quick, convenient and healthy meal!

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