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Q: Where are you located?

A: We are an online food shop. We don't have a physical shop, however our kitchen is in Nyon, and our home is in Gland! We aim to sell our food online, and/or through food shops in the region. We will have a list of food shops that stock our products very soon - Refer to our website section -  for more details.

Q: Tell us more about the food and how to eat it?

A: We prepare our food fresh and then deliver it chilled to your door step. You need to heat it before you eat. Alternatively you can also store in the fridge for upto 3 days to enjoy later! The chutneys and pickles will not need to be heated! 

Q: How is your food delivered?

A: We follow delivery schedules for each area, and you can see the delivery times for your area at the time of ordering. Please note that to minimise our carbon footprint, we only make one delivery trip per day and also do not use any dry-ice packaging. Please ensure you are at home to receive your product. Alternatively you can also leave a suitable ice bag outside your door if you are not around. During these COVID times, we will have a no contact delivery system - food will be kept in front of your door or in your letter box.

Q: What kind of packaging do you use?

A: We use packaging that has either been made from recycled materials or is made from bio-sources. In addition to this, very shortly we will be experimenting a zero-waste delivery system, for the town of Gland to start with! Yes we are residents of Gland, so thought to introduce this in our beloved town of Gland!

Q: Tell me more about the social aspect of your business?

A: We believe in donating a small portion of our profits to support a good cause - mainly to help combat climate change, environmental issues and poverty. Please see our instagram page for details of our latest donations.

Q: What are your delivery charges?

A: We offer free delivery in Nyon, Gland, Prangins and Vich. The delivery charges for other areas depend on a minimum order value and the distance to your location from our central kitchen. The charges will be updated automatically once 

you enter your exact post-code. Please note we are constantly adding new postcodes for delivery, so do contact us if your postcode is not yet covered. Here's a summary of our delivery range & costs:

1. Gland, Nyon, Prangins, Vich - Free Delivery

2.  Free Delivery above 24 CHF or delivery charge 4 CHF 

Post Codes Covered: 1195, 1184, 1262, 1182, 1299, 1267, 1183, 1266, 1268, 1180, 1185, 1274, 1270, 1263, 1277 

3. Free Delivery above 50 CHF or delivery charge 6.5 CHF

Post Codes Covered: 1291, 1296, 1295, 1297, 1272, 1276, 1271, 1279, 1275, 1172

4. Free Delivery above 60 CHF or delivery charge 8 CHF

Post Codes Covered: 1165, 1164, 1170, 1163

5. Free Delivery above 75 CHF or delivery charge 10 CHF

Post Codes Covered: 1162, 1131, 1110

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